has become the premier solution for companies looking to do business in the ever-growing world of e-commerce. Our e-commerce systems have become the backbone of many companies, who rely daily on the power and reliability of our custom-tailored solutions.

Our flagship system - Plasma, not only manages all aspects of an e-commerce website, but empowers you to manage your business faster, better and more efficient. Not only will you attain a quick Return on Investment (ROI), but you will notice the difference immediately. Whether you're watching sales and stats from our real-time interface, or running a statistical analysis report - you'll feel the power. Plasma is a sophisticated system, built on over 5 years of real-world experience in the fast-paced e-commerce marketplace. Our exclusive features and solutions will give you the edge to succeed in today's expanding market.

New York, August 11, 2005 - proudly announces the first release of Plasma - our newest, most powerful e-commerce system ever. Being the product of over 5 years of constant development, Plasma is the only guaranteed way to succeed in today's online marketplace. Effectively handling well over 200,000,000 Transactions - Plasma has been built on solid ground. Check our website as we release more about this revolutionary system. Many of Plasma's unique features cannot be publicly released due to Security, Patent and Copyright Issues. Please contact us for more information.

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